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The Educator’s Light was started by a passion for teaching kids and seeing the struggle of the teachers teaching them–especially the new teachers. For years I watched as some new teachers would have well-meaning mentors come in, observe them, then leave offering little support and direction if any. This in turn is affecting our most precious population, our kids. Teachers are truly the bridge to education and a light in one of the many ambiguous caverns of “trying to figure out modern education.”

Over 15 years, I have had a number of teachers ask “how do you do what you do for those kids and how do you stay so positive?” Some have asked to meet, observe, and even train. I am certainly no better than anyone else (and I don’t proclaim myself to be) and no teacher is better than me. Not only are we continuously learning, we are all a mosaic of experience, personalities, and creativity upholding the nobility of a long-revered, bold, and foundational profession…teaching. We truly are light bearers in a sometimes dark and confusing global society.

In the process of implementing programs, policy, mandates, and everything imaginable for students on a number of occasions, in some ways we have left common sense behind. Though we cannot stay in the past and drag every technique from the past to the future, we cannot scratch the slate clean every year never truly reflecting on what did work. It is causing further confusion, and our students are suffering for it. Though innovation, technology, activities, curriculum, and research are a powerful cornerstone to modern education, sometimes the foundational ideals that have stood the test of time are part of what may be the solution for our kids and educational infrastructures. It is difficult to build a fortress in a sandbox.

Welcome to The Educator’s Light where we endeavor to bring back the light, joy, and common sense to education–one classroom and life at a time. We celebrate and offer services for hardworking, passionate teachers, parents, and students everywhere and stand with them. Every child has value and it is worth every reasonable endeavor to see them become who they are supposed to be. It is our honor to support new teachers, parents, students and communities who believe and strive for the same.

Stay in the Light–
Kia Greenwood, M.Ed.
CEO and Founder
The Educator’s Light