2 Tips for Incorporating Real World Events Into Any Lesson!


The Super Bowl is behind us (I’m a little disappointed football season is over). I decided to incorporate it into tomorrow’s lesson for my students. It brings up good conversation and will hopefully get the kids energized for tomorrow’s lesson.

We live in a world with events all around us. From local community happenings to international news that matters, sharing these events with our students help foster a sense of community and discussion. Many times, your quietest students will speak on real world events before they speak on anything else. Here are 2 tips for incorporating real world events in to any lesson!

1. Do not incorporate any real world story or news story due to sensitivity.

Use your best teacher discretion, but recognize that some stories may be sensitive to some students. For example, if you have a student who just lost a family member, a local news story about a high school student who was killed or passed away may not be the best story to share with the class.

When I do share stories via YouTube or simply bringing up in discussion, I always screen the story first then make sure it is age appropriate and ties into our lesson or unit. When in doubt, always consult a trusted coworker or administrator.

2. If time permits, allow students to discuss it as a class.

I believe in the effectiveness of pair-share then share out in whole group. This is especially effective for ELL students as well. Once kids share in pairs or a small group, they feel more confident sharing in front of the class. If they have a strong opinion about a particular story/topic, it is interesting if students have friendly debates etc. It makes the lesson meaningful if presented properly.

Here is an example of incorporating the Super Bowl into your lesson regardless of content:

ELA- Have students summarize the game or halftime performance. Point out unnecessary details and the flow of the summary.

Math– Have students find the mean winning score of the last 3 Super Bowls.

Science-Have students analyze the speed of the fastest player.

Social Studies-Compare the first Super Bowl to yesterday’s Super Bowl!

Keep it quick and fun.

Football season may be over for now, but engaging lessons have just begun.

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What other ways are you incorporating real world events into your lesson? Comment below!

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