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Kia Greenwood, M.Ed. is the Founder and CEO of The Educator’s Light. As a veteran teacher who has taught for over 15 years, she has a passion for supporting new teachers, students, and all others who are willing to grow and learn. The mission of The Educator’s Light is simple– endeavor to bring more light, joy and common sense to education, people and our kids—one classroom and life at a time.


–Teacher of the Year 2004-2005 (Elementary)
–Teacher of the Year 2014-2015 (Secondary)
–District Teacher of the Month 2015
–Nominated for Who’s Who Among American Women
–Literacy/Instructional Coach for 3 years
–Excel Award for Excellence in Education
–Voted Favorite Instructor by students at the college level

–Heart for ELA and Reading–Lifelong learner (she is still learning, growing and is a proud “nerd”!)
–Teacher who loves to write
–Passionate about helping students, new teachers, and others!

How we serve:

-Motivational speaking engagements for staff and youth (currently virtual only).

–Personal Coaching for New Teachers (virtual only).

–The growing virtual Resource Store that will include support materials for new teachers, students, and parents in need of common sense, educational support instruction-wise along with other categories!

–We are excited to announce ** The 2020 Educator’s Light Virtual ELA/Reading Cafe for students, parents, and communities in need of additional ELA school/class tutoring support and guidance in grades 4-8!!!** Click the 2020 tutoring page under “Menu” for more information! Contact us today!


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The Leaning Tower of…Progress: Three Steps to Moving Forward Through Challenge

The Leaning Tower of…Progress. You have seen it all over the news and internet—even in the New York Times and other national news. It is Dallas, Texas’ own Leaning Tower. An old building where they simply were carrying out a typical demolition in a big city but the building still stands. People have taken the …

Captain Underdog: 2 Essential Tips for Celebrating the Underdog Student!

Every teacher has the student that is what we call a diamond-in-the-rough. They have beautiful potential but may not get as much attention elsewhere as other students. Factors can include behavior (too nice, too loud, too quiet ,too goofy, personal issues, or even mean), a different look, a different personality, struggling academic progress and/or achievements …


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